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Repco Go Stop Drags

Go-Stop Drags

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Repco Go Stop Drags

Photo supplied by Mark Bellringer - Digital Story


The Go- Stop will again be held in during our visit to Hawera on Friday 26 February.  

What is Go - Stop?

Go – Stop is an event where competitors charge off from the start line and head for a set of cones at the other end of the straight. When they reach the other end they have to come to a complete stop inside the cones and the competitor that completes this task in the fastest time is the winner. This discipline needs a combination of good acceleration and braking capabilities - the big more horsepower cars can get away quicker, but smaller, more nimble cars stop quicker.   The straight is long enough you will have to shift a gear or two!

This will be run within the CBD area and you will be able to stay in town and enjoy the atmosphere, entertainment and watch the Go – Stop.

You must be an entrant in the event to participate and pre registration is required.  Please email Toni to secure your place!